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January 26, 2010

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Chicago, United States

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Chatman Design

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Web Designer

1. Besides the usual online blogs and galleries, from what or where do you draw inspiration?

I love books. Design books, of course, but any kind of book, really. I think print design often knocks the socks off of web design, and web designers can learn a lot from print designers.

2. Design-related or not, can you list up to 3 books that you've found beneficial to your growth as a designer?

The Elements of Typographic Style — A lot of it went over my head, but not all of it. I loved how simple the book was. Typography is about communicating with type, nothing fancier than that, and this book drives that home and follows its own advice.

Designing the Obvious and Don't Make Me Think are two great books about making designs so simple and obvious that they really get the job done. I am very much this style of designer. I don't do much fancy stuff, just communicate well.

3. If you could name one tool/application/software/hardware that you can't live without (from a design perspective), what would it be, and why?

It would have to be Coda if I could only pick one. FTP + Code editor in one. I spend a ton of time in there every day. Not my favorite text editor of all time (that's TextMate), but the combo makes it essential.

4. What would be your design "dream job"?

I'd like to work for a big content-based company at some point that is serious about changing their direction with the web. Perhaps a big magazine who is going to drop print or trim it back in favor of a strong online push.

5. What changes would you like to see in the design community in the next 5 years?

More and more standardization. More and more push for technologies that are clearly beneficial (HTML5, CSS3, SVG...). Better and faster browsers. Better server/browser communication. The future looks bright!

Special thanks to Chris Coyier for taking the time to answer these questions exclusively for Interviews by Design.

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