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August 25, 2010

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Korce, Albania

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Graphic/Web Designer

1. Besides the usual online blogs and galleries, from what or where do you draw inspiration?

I really like to get old printed magazines and look at their pictures. The typography used on prints some time is really inspiring me.

2. Design-related or not, can you list up to 3 books that you've found beneficial to your growth as a designer?

I think the only book who really inspired me is Rework from 37signals. I found it really well written and there are mentioned some really interesting ways of doing business. The second one will be The Smashing Book and the third jQuery CookBook O`Reilly Edition.

3. If you could name one tool/application/software/hardware that you can't live without (from a design perspective), what would it be, and why?

Of course Photoshop. Even if I know how to use other programs such might be Illustrator, Fireworks... I will always do the mockup on Photoshop. I really can`t do what I do without it!

4. What would be your design "dream job"?

Mhhh I don`t know I always wished to have my own my studio and to have a really great team where we all do specific jobs and always design great unique stuff!

5. What changes would you like to see in the design community in the next 5 years?

First I would like to see no IE6 mentioned. HTML5/CSS3 rocking the web and of course new technologies coming... more jQuery stuff and of course more features on Photoshop!

Special thanks to Vasjen Katro for taking the time to answer these questions exclusively for Interviews by Design.

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